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A ’50s-Leaning Sports Bar with Bacon Brats

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Odds you’ll watch the game at Citi Field tomorrow: pretty low

Odds you’ll watch it in Old Town with a deep-fried bacon brat in your hand: increasingly high

Slap on a rally cap and make for The Vig, a classy, ’50s-leaning sports parlor where you’ll find antique telephones, cocktail flasks and the occasional deep-fried bratwurst. It’s soft-open now.

The “vig” represents the house’s cut on a bet. Great. Now let’s check out your actual odds here...

Odds you’ll notice those lights on the chandeliers are strung through scotch decanters: 4:1

Odds you’ll mistake the TVs behind the bar for mirrors: 2:1 (they’re plated with a specially made glass)

Odds you’ll want to see this slideshow: high

Odds you’ll order that deep-fried, Vig-exclusive Makowski’s bacon brat: 6:1

Odds something else on the menu strikes you: there are umami chicken wings and king crab bites, so...

Odds you’ll split a flask of frozen apple cider: 10:1

Odds you’ll split one if we said bourbon was involved: 5:1

Odds you’ll play “Maple Leaf Rag” on the antique piano in back: 10,000:1, because it’s been transformed into a DJ booth

And because what are the odds of you knowing “Maple Leaf Rag”...

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