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A Giant House of Sports and Beer

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Things you require during a long Vegas weekend:

—A place to play craps.

—A place to dance.

—A place to watch the game that’s also owned by Pete Rose.

We trust you have a plan for those first two. As for the last, this is the stranger-than-fiction tale of Pete Rose Bar & Grill, a timely homage to spaghetti, cheese curds, beer and baseball, open now at Hawaiian Marketplace. (Your slideshow and your menu.)

“There is no better place to watch the playoffs than in a 9,000-square-foot bar with a Stripside patio and some historic memorabilia from one of baseball’s most iconic players.”

We’re not sure who said that, but whoever did was onto something.

If it’s an afternoon game...
Grab a table in the dining room or on the big patio with your group. Then order some spicy sangria and poutine in honor of Rose’s time spent with the Expos. And what a time indeed.

If it’s a nighttime affair...
Hit the bar with a ginger-infused-vodka mule and the Cincinnati 3-Way, a blatantly un-Italian spaghetti dish topped with chili and cheese. We think Pete would, too.

If it’s morning...
Maybe just go somewhere else for a while.

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