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Elizabeth Taylor, Miles Ahead and London’s Vauxhall District

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Jazzed: Here’s a minute from that upcoming Miles Davis biopic, Miles Ahead, which premieres this week at the New York Film Festival. You’ll have to wait for the other minutes.

London Calling: Damien Hirst’s exhibition space with 3,000 artworks from the likes of Picasso, Hoyland and Koons opened yesterday. It’s one of many reasons why London’s Vauxhall district is having a moment right now.

Stay Golden: In other London news, Getty celebrates 30 years of Elizabeth Taylor’s activism tonight with the debut of a show titled Grit and Glamour. It’ll be on display for the next month. Or, you can check out some photos right up there. Yep. Right there.

Cast Away: Lorne Michaels sat down with NPR to discuss the SNL season premiere, casting challenges and the pride he feels watching cast members come into their own. Here are some highlights. And here’s the whole damn thing.

Last Night Right Here: Fallon and Brie Larson play the whisper challenge, Seth Meyers pulls up Ted Danson’s corny Aramis cologne ads (much to Danson’s dismay) and Cate Blanchett reads an infuriating Amazon exchange about a blender. 
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