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Natalie Young’s New Thing Is...

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Your Wednesday afternoon not-really-math problem:

Solve for X.

Southern-style fried chicken + Chinese riblets + a touch of Led Zeppelin = X



All right, we’ll help you out, but just this once.

X equals Chow—the highly anticipated Chinese-and-chicken joint with a Zeppelin-heavy soundtrack from the beautiful mind of Natalie Young. It’s open now on Fremont, the slideshow’s here, and the menu’s here.

Depending on your mood, this could go one of three ways:

You’re in the mood for Southern-style soul food.
That’s where the crispy Southern fried chicken served with pickled jalapeños and corn muffins comes into play. You’ll eat it while staring up at the giant paper dragon hanging from the ceiling, because there’s a giant paper dragon hanging from the ceiling.

You’re in the mood for Chinese.
For starters, they’ve got shrimp dumplings with bacon. For the absolute opposite of starters, they’ve got this crazy dish called the Loco Moco, which involves rice, a prime beef burger patty and an over-easy egg.

You’re in the mood for both.
On weekends, they’ve got a to-go window where you can drop by and grab some fried rice and/or fried chicken.

“Or.” Ha.

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