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Yunnan Kitchen Has Changed

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And now, a haiku:

Nice man in Fiat
Shuts down every road in town.
Here’s some barbecue.

Specifically, Yunnan BBQ, where what used to be Yunnan Kitchen focuses on what’s really important. That’d be the barbecue, and the place is open now.

Like before, it’s the kind of spot you want to bring a big group of friends to, and take over this whole communal table in the slideshow. This time, though, you’re taking them for large plates of tea-smoked duck and chili-honey-glazed pork ribs.

Or better yet, the Shao Kao Shangri La, where, in one dish, short rib, pork belly, lamb meatballs, tiger prawns and curry fish balls (also some mushrooms and vegetables, but... priorities) come together.

They’ve also got buckets of Chinese beer (in the spirit of community) and that all-important cocktail element that includes a sriracha michelada.

Here’s hoping they make those into buckets soon, too.

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