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Racing the Indian Ocean via Dugout Canoe

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If we told you you’d one day find yourself in the middle of the ocean, hanging on to a piece of wood, you’d probably think we were threatening you.

Nope. Just challenging you.

Introducing Adventure 9, a treacherous race through the Zanzibar Archipelago on an ngalawa boat (it’s a sailable canoe), booking now for a January departure.

Picture one of those races where people set their homemade toy boats adrift on a lake. This is kind of like that. Only you’re in the boat contraption. And the lake is actually the Indian Ocean. And we’ll stop now so the slideshow can do the talking.

After a couple days of training, your team of two to three will board a hollowed-out mango tree with a hand-stitched canvas sail and a double outrigger attached. Then you’ll shove off and race up to nine other teams down 300 miles of the Tanzanian coastline, stopping only to rest at whatever islands you come across.

It’s pretty precarious stuff. But don’t worry. You’ll have a life vest, a tracking device and an LED flare. Also, race organizers who can assist you—for a time penalty.

Bragging rights don’t come easy.

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