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Sunset Cruises, Football and Elk Poutine

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Ah, September.

When the weather turns, the leaves begin to change and you head up to Madison to play around in two new hotels called The Edgewater and Graduate Madison.

Happens every year.

And thus begins the breaking-them-down-for-you process...

The Edgewater, open now and pictured left:
The Location: A stone’s throw away from capitol square, where you’ll find everything from dives like Genna’s to fine-dining strongholds like Graze to capitol buildings like the capitol building.
The Space: A freshly renovated behemoth with an outdoor plaza and glorious lake views.
The Extras: Few restaurants. A spa. Sunset cruises on an antique yacht. Things that dates like more than they hate.

Graduate Madison, also open now:
The Location: Well, it’s in the heart of campus, so... 1) Be a football fan, 2) be an alumni, or 3) be aware that this place is really nice and probably doesn’t belong in the heart of campus anyway, so who cares.
The Space: A rustic yet elevated situation that falls somewhere between an English professor’s study and Jeremiah Johnson’s cabin in the woods. And yes, those are canoes on the ceiling.
The Extras: Their rooftop restaurant—the Madison Blind—will graciously ply you with apple cinnamon Old Fashioneds, elk poutine and cheese curds.

In case you forget you’re in Wisconsin.

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