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Five Things to Know About Black Barn

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You know how Manhattan real estate is these days.

Skyrocketing rents.

Unprecedented foreign investment.

Giant barns popping up everywhere.

See: Black Barn, an immense bi-level place for ribeye and wine just off Madison Square Park, opening tonight.

Here’s the knowledge you should have going in.

It feels pretty autumnal in there right now.
Probably because it’s a barn and there are rakes on the wall. This is one of those spots best described as “rustic.”

The man creating the food was the chef at the Waldorf Astoria for 25 years.
A well-known establishment.

You’ll want wine.
Start out in the front tavern part with an apple-brandy cocktail, but once dinner commences, wine will be on tap or from the 1,000-plus bottles they’ve got in the cellar. You can also get a 50-year-old champagne by the glass. Which is... uncommon.

There’ll be a tasting table and four private dining rooms.
Including one in that wine cellar. Make a mental note for the holiday season.

But about the ribeye, and the Mangalitsa charcuterie board, and the crispy striped bass...
... the pork belly chicharrones and th—just look, they’re all here in the slideshow.

They always are.

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