Black Iron Tavern

How Ironic

After Work, Go Here. Drink. Eat a Brownie.

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Call it intuition. Call it instinct. Call it an innate and unerring ability to locate elevated sports bars from big-deal chefs serving banana pudding and Hemingway daiquiris.

Yes, call it that last one.

It so nicely explains why you’ll like Black Iron Tavern, Michael Taus’s new laid-back watering hole, now open in River West. (Your slideshow and your menu.)

To appreciate how this place might fit into your universe, use all five senses:

Sight: With 14 flat-screens inside and two on the patio, you’ll see the game. You’ll see a mosaic-trimmed floor, whitewashed brick and single-strand lightbulbs. You’ll see that sports bars don’t always need Bears jerseys.

Taste: Trotter’s-trained Taus does tacos, burgers, Korean wings and Ultimate Nachos, which involve oversize chips, each individually topped with everything ever.

Sound: Top 40, lively post-work chatter and intriguing comments such as “I’ll have the Penicillin” or “Hanky Panky, please.” Those are drinks, by the way.

Touch: If you feel a breeze flow through your hair, you’re either on the patio or you’re sitting too close to a vent.

Smell: You’ll smell chocolate either because A) this place is directly across from Blommer’s factory, or B) you’re eating one of their Blommer’s chocolate brownies.

We forgot the “all of the above” option.

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