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Drinking Vodka in a 23-Degree Bar

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What a crazy week.

First, [insert literally any event here].

Then, we got an ice bar.

It’s called Drinkhouse Fire & Ice, and it’s soft-open now and grand-opening on October 1.

We’ll take your fake questions now.

So this is an ice bar?

What does it look like?
It looks like this.

Wow. How much ice is that?
About 100,000 pounds’ worth.

So how does this place work?
You’ll enter a bar called the Fire Lounge. You’ll see a bartender. That’s Flip. He’ll be serving warm drinks and performing fire shows—flipping bottles and blowing out fire and whatnot.

But what about the ice bar?
We were getting to that. You’ll also see a hostess. She’ll be offering up faux-fur coats, hats, moccasins and gloves. You’ll put on those things. Then you’ll head back to what looks like a freezer door. You’ll open it and walk into...

The ice bar?
Yes, the ice bar. It’s a bar made of ice. They’ve got vodkas from around the world. An ice sculpture of the Miami Beach sign. An ice hammock. An ice jet ski. Also: crystals. Lots of crystals.

How cold is it?
About 23 degrees.

That’s pretty cold.
It’s ice.

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