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Take Two of an Old-School Dive on Geary

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Maybe you’re going to the big game tonight.

Maybe you’re watching it at a friend’s house.

Or maybe... just maybe, you’re shooting pool in a restored old-school dive bar with rumored brothel roots.

That last scenario brought to you courtesy of Ha-Ra Club, the refreshed version of a classic dive bar where you’ll hang out and do classic-dive-bar things, reopen now in the Tenderloin. (Here’s what it looks like.)

A wrestler and a boxer walk into a building in 1947. That wasn’t the setup to a joke. It was the story of what happened when the original owners decided to open this place.

But the current team also owns Ace’s and Dobbs Bar. So... less good at combat sports, better at opening drinking establishments.

It’s not unlike the early years in here—red velvet walls, vintage chandeliers, that kind of thing (yes, it’s rumored to have been a brothel). Have a seat at the original bar. Keep it simple. Beers. Whatever-and-Cokes. Bourbon on the rocks.

From there, maybe shoot some pool at the original pool table. Charge your phone in the old photo booth. Stare at that old-timey TV that doesn’t work anymore but just sort of sits there. The flat-screens above the bar work, though.

Might be your better bet.


Ha-Ra Club
875 Geary St
(near Larkin)
San Francisco, CA, 94109


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