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A Mexican Adventure in Andersonville

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Football-wise, yesterday was not a good day in Chicago.

But, hey, cheer up.

Churros-and-micheladas-wise, this week will be great.

Welcome, then, to the magical world of Cantina 1910, a new swashbuckler of an all-day Mexican adventure, opening Wednesday in Andersonville. (The slideshow’s here and the menu’s here.)

The name: inspired by the year the Mexican Revolution began, which you probably deduced from the fact that it’s opening on Mexican Independence Day.

But walking in, upon seeing its old-farm-equipment chandeliers and rustic communal tables, you’ll just think: ah, right. Farm-to-damn-table gone Mexican. And you didn’t even know about the farm on their roof.

Anyway, lots of reasons to come here. Like...

For a solo breakfast.
You’ll find Mexican pastries like fresh, warm churros and hot coffee now, and breakfast burritos and lunch in a few weeks.

For a group dinner.
Lots of sharing options, so order a mess of tacos like the coffee-stewed beef on bone marrow flour tortillas, and split small plates of goat chorizo.

For drinks.
They’ll have a mezcal Old Fashioned. They’ll turn any of their beers into a michelada for you. They’ll serve a four-person pisco cocktail called Let’s Split an Uber.

Sorry it’s called that.

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