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Danny Meyer. The Dead Rabbit Crew. This.

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Consider what motivates you.

Money? Fame? Power?

Drinking good whiskey at an 18th-floor indoor/outdoor cocktail roost run by some of the world’s most prominent nightlife figures?

If it’s that last one, you’ll want to know that GreenRiver opens next Thursday in Streeterville, and expectations are quite high.

It’s got some pretty well-known New Yorkers behind it. Chiefly among them the Dead Rabbit guys (of Tales of the Cocktail’s “Best Bar in the World” fame) and Danny Meyer (of Danny Meyer fame).

They’ve also brought in a bartender from Aviary to oversee your whiskey needs—27 Irish, six Japanese and counting. And the opening chef of Celeste will be doing wonderful things to spaghetti and uni.

But now that the introductions are finished...

You’ll find this in an unlikely location on the Northwestern medical campus. Yes, you’ll feel like you’re entering an office lobby, but once you get to the 18th floor, it’s happy hour.

All Scandinavian chairs and marble tables. Backslapping. Suggestive glances from across the room. And, oh, those views.

Grab seats on the terrace with some clients for lake views and something with aquavit in it. Show up with a date before a movie for tuna tartare and scallops and watch the setting sun.

Pretty much what we’re saying is: good place.


259 E Erie St, 18th Fl
(at N Fairbanks)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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