Lowcountry and Clark St. Karaoke

Hustle and Low

Upstairs: Shellfish. Downstairs: Karaoke.

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Person: Let’s make a plan. Say, early next week.

You: Sure, let’s make a plan for that general time frame. How about karaoke?

Person: Nice, but we should grab a drink first.

You: Hmm. If we do a drink first, then we might as well find someplace where they give you plastic bags full of delicious shellfish on a picnic table so we can really make a night of it.

Person: Do you know just the place?

You: I know just the place. It’s this new seafood-boil joint called Lowcountry, and downstairs it’s got this separate-but-not-really-separate place called Clark St. Karaoke, and they both open Tuesday.

Person: This almost seems scripted.

You: That’s not important right now. What’s important is big picnic tables, a nice communal vibe, Hamm’s tallboys and irresponsible napkin use. And a menu that lets you choose things like head-on shrimp, crab legs, lobster... it goes on like this. You choose the flavor (Cajun, lemon-pepper...) and how hot you want it. Yes, “Ridiculously Hot” is an option.

Person: And basement karaoke?

You: Yep. Five private rooms, a bar, gin limeades and a game of dice that determines what shot you’ll do.

Person: Oh, you.

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