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Breaking Down Rocco Steakhouse

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The Great Steak Boom of ’15 is upon us. Prepare yourself.

And listen for the starting shot: Rocco Steakhouse, a very grand steak, chop and seafood palace in the usual style of such things. It opens tomorrow near the New York Edition. Ready your clients.

But first, let’s take a look at how it stacks up.

The vibe: Copious mahogany, sweeping expanses of tufted leather and extravagant displays of bottled fermented grape. It’s pure expense-account country.

The steaks: The usual suspects, including bone-in and -out filets, and a porterhouse for two “or more.” Yes, they found the limitless cow.

The wild cards: You’ve got four different ways to consume veal.

The sides: Mostly the classics, but you can add truffle oil to anything. Subtlety finds no quarter here. We’d also like to see you order the three-and-a-half-pound lobster as a side, but that’s just us.

The liquids: More than a hundred wines, vastly skewing red, for meat’s sake. At the bar, you want the delightfully heavy-handed martini.

The slideshow: Here.

The menu: Here.

The extra innings: Should you survive, go tartufo.

We believe in you.

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