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Logan Square Has a Really Tall Rock Wall Now

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You should make the last weeks of summer count.

Go to the beach. Eat a hot dog. Throw a frisbee.

Climb a terrifying 60-foot wall.

Here to assist with that last one: First Ascent Climbing & Fitness, a new gym with inappropriately large walls for you to climb, opening tomorrow in Logan Square. (Here’s what it looks like.)

This has all the things a normal gym has—weights, cardio equipment, yoga classes. But it’s also got those giant, wildly geometric walls you’ll see when you first come in. The ones with all the ropes and people hanging from them. Can’t miss ’em. They’re some of the largest in the country.

If you’re new to climbing, sign up for the Learning the Ropes class. You’ll be fitted with a harness and you can rent shoes, get a belay device and learn what a belay device is. You’ll also be signing a waiver, of course.

But if you’re more advanced, head to the second level where the ropeless sport of bouldering occurs. And should you find yourself hanging upside down in their “bouldering cave,” don’t worry. That’s just part of the experience.

Maybe worry a little bit.


First Ascent Climbing & Fitness
3516 N Spaulding Ave
(at Addison)
Chicago, IL, 60618


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