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To the Marina to Float in a Saltwater Pod

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“I’d love to, but I have to go annihilate my senses for a brief while in a dark, saltwater pod.”

Feel free to repurpose that sentence whenever.

Off you go to Reboot Float Spa, a new place in the Marina where you’ll float peacefully in a pitch-black container and emerge a calmer, saltier, less-stressed version of yourself. It’s open now.

Imagine being alone in the universe. Just you and your thoughts. And if that’s too much, imagine being alone in a small tank. Just you, your thoughts and a softly crooning Norah Jones. That works, too.

You’ll start by entering the bright, sleek-looking spa and getting a brief crash course on what to expect. A shower will happen. Someone handing you earplugs will happen.

Then, you’ll enter your pod (which looks like a cross between a tanning bed and a UFO) filled with 94-degree saltwater. You’ll soon find yourself floating atop this water, on account of all the salt. Some music will ease you in and out of the float, or you can opt to play your own music the entire time.

And that’s about it. You’ve got 60 minutes to reach nirvana.

Or decide what you’re having for dinner.


Reboot Float Spa
1912 Lombard St
(at Buchanan)
San Francisco, CA, 94123


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