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One and Only

Takeshi Omae’s Big Idea

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“And there’s only one table...”

... is what you’ll reveal to a group of incredulous friends when describing your visit to the Ultimate Chef’s Table at Japanese Cuisine by Omae—a one-table wonder of a restaurant where a Michelin-starred chef prepares seven courses for you and only about nine other people, opening Tuesday. (This slideshow should hold you over till then.)

Huh, looks like your friends have more questions...

Bobby: What? Only one table?
You: Yes, one table for up to 10 people. You can make a reservation for one of three seatings throughout the evening.

Rachel: Didn’t this used to just be Japanese Cuisine by Omae?
You: Can’t put anything past you, Rachel. The Omae part is the same. Except now there are 300% fewer tables and only the Michelin-starred chef himself is preparing your food.

Seth: You mean nobody else is in the kitchen?
You: Other than a dishwasher and someone to handle kitchen prep, nope. Just him.

Brianna: So what did you eat?
You: It’s a seven-course omakase-style menu. I had foie gras, amaebi tartare, bagna càuda with crabmeat, white fish—

Gary: Wait, white fish?
You: Oh, Gary.


Ultimate Chef’s Table
at Japanese Cuisine by Omae
3650 S Decatur Blvd, #26
(at Twain)
Las Vegas, NV, 89103


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