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Kerouac and Drinks and a Patio on Wells

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Jack Kerouac first wrote On the Road in the midst of a fever dream on one long, unfurling scroll.

Which is cool.

But not nearly as cool as if he’d written the thing onto a ceiling...

Find someone named Neal for Pomp & Circumstance, a bi-level funhouse with cocktails in brass pineapples and Beat Generation musings scrawled above your head, soft-open now in Old Town. (Your slideshow is here and your menu is here.)

We’ll start downstairs.
Where you and a date will slide into a plaid booth, look up, see a ceiling covered in On the Road quotes, discuss accordingly and order some pistachio-crusted oysters and Southern-style pork belly.

Then, follow the sound of jazz.
It’ll lead you up a stairwell dotted with pinup girls and pulp-noir book covers to a lounge with an appropriately old-school vibe. A couch near a window veiled in velvet curtains beckons. As does The Shakedown—a 24-ounce grapefruit-and-vodka cocktail served in a brass pineapple. Oh, and...

Make sure to return in a week or so.
Because then, you’ll have an all-seasons patio with a retractable roof on which to perfect your latest literary masterpiece.

Or do literally anything else.


Pomp & Circumstance
1400 N Wells St
(at Schiller)
Chicago, IL, 60610


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