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Your Guide to Partying on a Weeknight

Anyone can throw a weekend party. It’s practically Saturday night’s middle name. “Party.” Well, that’s not official or anything. But it takes a special something to pack a full house on a weeknight. Especially during the summer. And these five places have it. Ladies and gentlemen, start your snooze buttons.

Escape Summer at Seaspice

Escape Summer at Seaspice

The Scene: Just a few dozen yachts fighting for dock space on the Miami River while celebutante types order bottles of Krug to accompany their seafood towers. There’s probably a DJ tucked away somewhere, but, honestly, it’s hard to make anything out in the sea of midriffs.
Hashtags: #BottleService #BoatFriends #RidiculouslyOversizeGlasses

Sundays, noon-10:30pm, Seaspice, 422 NW N River Dr, 305-440-4200

Gio’s Total Split Show at Basement

Gio’s Total Split Show at Basement

The Scene: There you are, innocently perfecting your bowling stride, when suddenly, a spandex-clad gentleman proffers you a wig and teaches you how to granny roll while a dominatrix stands by waiting to pour liquor down your throat and give you a spanking. True story.
Hashtags: #BodyShots #GrannyRoll #WTF

Mondays, 8pm, Basement Miami, 2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 786-257-4595

Favela Beach at Wall

Favela Beach at Wall

The Scene: For over eight years, a sea of slick, toned bodies have congregated under a field of neon strobes to do what slick, toned bodies do best: gyrate on tabletops to DJs spinning house. Also, just generally being slick and toned.
Hashtags: #Locals #IWearMySunglassesAtNight #NoChampagneNoGain

Tuesdays, 11:55pm-4am, Wall at W South Beach, 2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-938-3130

Havana Nights at Regent Cocktail Club

Havana Nights at Regent Cocktail Club

The Scene: It’s still got that old-school, classic-gin-joint feel, but on Wednesdays, Julio Cabrera transforms this South Beach drinkery into a small slice of Havana with domino tournaments, cigars and a tony crowd swaying to live Cuban jazz... mostly because of the Old Fashioneds, though.
Hashtags: #SnakeEyes #CigarBreaks #MojitosOrBust

Soul House at 1 Hotel

Soul House at 1 Hotel

The Scene: A stunning rooftop-pool scene with throngs of dancers moving to R&B, hip-hop and rock produced before 2000. For that, you can thank NYC’s legendary Soul House party. Hoist your flip-phone light up high.
Hashtags: #TheSixthBorough #RaiseTheRooftop #NoNewSongs

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