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NoMad’s Negroni-and-Pasta Charmer

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We can see something’s vexing you.

You’re wrestling with some sort of critical issue.

And a strong longing for pasta.

Ah, yes, your future is very clear now.

It lies at La Pecora Bianca, NoMad’s answer to that question you had about which stellar casual Italian date spot you should take that date to tonight. It’s open now, if that helps your decision.

The man behind it also opened Claudette. Which leads us to believe that, when he opens his eyes each morning, unfairly charming dining spots simply sprout into our lives.

This one is of the Italian variety, with blue-crab cavatelli and some serious mushroom game set in an airy white—actually, just look at it in the slideshow. It’s got more of a downtown vibe, but more space. Thank you, NoMad.

Easing any dately transitions will be one of four types of Negroni. The Sbagliato seems ripe for the still-90-degree-night consumption. It trades out gin for prosecco. And that espresso bar at the bar—it’s an aperitif bar at night.

It’s paying its way through law school.

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