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To Dogpatch for Tanks of Beer

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The day: Saturday.

The scene: You, sitting behind a pair of enormous garage doors, surrounded by steel tanks.

The beers: Imminent. Everywhere.

Sounds like future you is at Harmonic Brewing, a massive taproom and brewery that’s slated to open by the end of the week in Dogpatch. (Here’s a slideshow.)

For all the tanks and steel and general being-in-a-warehouse-ness, this place is actually kind of cozy—high ceilings, exposed wood, more windows than you’d expect unless you were expecting a lot of windows.

Once inside, meander past the brewing area and find a couple spots at the hickory bar, where you’ll familiarize yourself with some beers that came out of the tanks a few feet from your face. It’s sort of like a farm-to-table situation, if the table was your glass and the farm was a bunch of steel tanks. Moving on...

When everything’s up and running, they’ll have 12 brews on tap (which they’ll happily pour into your mug or growler). But right now you’re working with four: the most interesting of which are a grapefruit-inspired number and the Rye Old Fashioned Pale ale.

It’s a gateway Old Fashioned.


Harmonic Brewing
1050 26th St
(between Minnesota and Indiana)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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