Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar

It’s a Grind

Sausage Is Mostly What This Is About

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You know how Abe Froman is the Sausage King of Chicago?

Well, he’s not real. Never was.

But dry your eyes, we’ve got a sausage monarch right here.

Right at Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar, a walk-up or stop-by sausage bar just like it says it is. It’s from the legends at Schaller & Weber on the UES and open now.

These are the very people who supply the beloved Heidelberg with their beloved wursts. And that’s actually right next door, so... Germany.

Let’s see how many syllables’ worth of sausages you’ll want here: weisswurst on a pretzel roll; half-pound kielbasas with cheddar, bacon, bacon jam and chicharrones. Look, there are nine types, so we trust you’ll explore.

You can get started early here, too. Hit the walk-up window (which you’ll see in the slideshow) and grab some breakfast, which is imminent. They’ve scored Intelligentsia coffee and started a fresh-pressed juice program, which jells nicely with that one-two-bacon-bacon-jam punch we mentioned up there.

No beer license yet, but expect some hard-to-pronounce German’s German beers, hopefully in steins and boots, real soon.

Not like sausage places need that.

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