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Found You a Retro Dive Bar in Logan Square

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Take one little dive bar in Logan Square with the slightly magnificent name of Marbles.

Give it some TLC.

Add a new bar.

Some finesse.

Rehab the patio.

Take a swing at that mixology stuff.

Change the name.

And there you have it: Best Intentions, your new retro headquarters for long nights of whiskey and revelry, now open in (yep) the former Marbles space. (Here’s your slideshow.)

It’s a pretty damn fine trick, this ability to take something that was an ancient, hard-drinking neighborhood saloon and modernize it without losing the soul.

But the new owners found that all it took was some ambience supplied by a working pay phone, a jukebox that’ll give you three plays for a quarter, some basic bar food (starting next week) and tropical plants on a new patio. Also: just enough room to dance.

The rest was up to booze.

So, yes, this is the only place in the world with Angostura bitters on draft. Great. But there’s also the Wondermint Malted, a malted milkshake with the added benefit of containing real, honest-to-goodness Wisconsin peppermint schnapps.

And dancing.

But we already mentioned the dancing.


Best Intentions
3281 W Armitage Ave
(at Spaulding)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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