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Where Lobster Buns and Frozen Beer Coexist

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You woke up today.

Turned off the alarm.

Looked in the mirror.

And said, “I can’t go on without fried-oyster buns and frozen beer.”

Then came Banyan Bar + Refuge, an indoor jungle where the lobster buns roam free and the Painkillers come on tap, expected to open any day now in the South End. (Come, slideshow with us.)

This was Hamersley’s. We all miss Hamersley’s. But the burgeoning empire behind the Gallows and Blackbird Doughnuts is here to do something completely different.

Now, it looks like a handsome bistro in danger of being swallowed by an encroaching jungle. There’s herringbone wood floors and reptile-print banquettes. A whole back wall lined with birch tress. And chandeliers made out of branches.

It’s small and shared plates here. So bring some friends who’ll be into sharing warm lobster buns or a New York strip loin with kimchi butter and scallion pancakes. Alternatively, you could just hit the bar for on-tap Painkillers with five-spice-infused rum and coconut foam. Or repeat that same action out on the patio.

And we hope you’re still reading. Otherwise you’d miss the part about how they have the first Kirin beer slushy machine in Boston.



Banyan Bar + Refuge
553 Tremont St
Boston, MA, 02116


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