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Dinner and a Show. Classic.

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Yesterday, you celebrated the French (nice Bastille Day getup, by the way).

Tonight, you celebrate the Spanish.

Tomorrow, well... let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Let’s focus on the present at Omerta Cucina & Theater Bar, a new hall for crazy little plates of Spanish deliciousness, gin drinks and some stage action, now open in Doral. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

Okay, so by saying “Spanish” we’re minimizing things a bit. You’ll find some Asian and Latin American influence in the tapas, too. And for that you can thank a couple of chefs with Seaspice, Bulla, Vagabond and Robert De Niro on their résumés. Maybe some of that sounds familiar.

You’ll be enjoying the above in what looks like an ornate wood salon. Claim one of the red banquettes near the stage (more on that in a second) and order some lamb chop lollipops, charred octopus and blistered brussels sprouts along with a couple of gin-and-grapefruit-laced Down to Earth drinks and a Rouge or two made with red sangria, rose water and rosé.

And about that stage—they’re calling it a “micro theater.” And on any given night you can expect some plays, cabaret and even a bit of comedy.

Tapas love a good joke.

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