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You’ll Want to Watch Baseball Here

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Some big baseball games coming up in the second half. You’ll need a good place to watch them.

May we suggest Nats Park.

But for away games... may we suggest Walter’s, a new sports bar named after the Senators’ Hall of Fame pitcher, Walter Johnson. It opens Friday on Georgia.

For starters, this place doesn’t look like other sports bars. Take a look. You’ll see big black-and-white photos of Johnson, Babe Ruth and the entire 1913 Senators team (they finished second that year). And yeah, there are nine TVs that’ll show everything from the Nats to—soon enough—college football and Saturday morning soccer.

Sustain yourself with stadium-type fare like housemade teriyaki jerky, foot-long dogs and hot pretzels. Some good drafts are listed by time zone, but if you really want to get into the 1913 spirit, you can just take your chances with the taps that simply read “BEER” and “LITE BEER.”

Or take a warm-weather drink like a Pimm’s Cup or a scotch-spiked julep out to the back patio. It’s full of beer-hall tables and beer signs, and it’s there for you when the game just doesn’t interest you.

Aka the Orioles game.


3632 Georgia Ave NW
(at Princeton)
Washington, DC, 20010


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