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Duck Poppers and Beer in a German Cathedral

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On your left, you’ll see a chapel run by a pious band of Elvis impersonators...

And on your right, you’ll notice People’s Republic—an unassuming 6,000-square-foot beer garden/restaurant styled after a German cathedral, open now (and until 3am on weekends) at the Hawaiian Marketplace...

Thus concludes another stirring yet expectedly brief tour of Vegas’s Most Ironical Houses of Worship.

For further reference, here’s a magical place that visually documents the wonderful-sounding beer garden/restaurant we mentioned above. Should help guide the way as we walk you through...

The Restaurant
One can imagine that the person who designed this place had a thing for classical German architecture. Not to mention TVs. And carne asada fries, duck poppers and fried-Spam sandwiches. One can imagine that this person was sort of an eccentric. Or maybe just from Berlin.

The Bar
Seems as good a place as any to enjoy some late-night lollipop wings and rock-candy drinks with a casual, sports-forward date.

The Beer Garden
Just your average ivy-adorned patio for refreshing grapefruit-beer concoctions and majestic views of the Strip.

The Pews
Umm, this isn’t actually a cathedral.

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