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An Airy Irish Corner Pub in the Mission

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Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

Corner pub. Deep-fried whole rabbit. Taxidermied pheasants.

Guess we’ll keep going... It’s The Crafty Fox Ale House, an airy new spot for drinking after-work drinks and eating delightfully strange meats under the (hopefully) warm sun, now open on the corner of Mission and Duboce. (The slideshow’s right in here.)

Some of the people behind this spot hail from Brick & Mortar. And it’s conveniently located right next door. But this place is likely more suited to the occasional after-work-beer or group-dinner situation.

To that end: throw open the bright-red doors and grab seats at the long copper bar. On the chalkboard above: an excessive amount of locally tapped and straight-from-the-brewery ales. Go with a sour like Altamont’s Funky Operator, or a farmhouse ale like Boulevard’s Tank 7.

At some point, though, you’ll hear rumors of General Tso’s fried pig tails and grilled-octopus shawarma flying out of a half-open kitchen. Investigate, and you’ll find an RN74 vet churning out any number of those things.

And if he happens to hand you a deep-fried whole rabbit, and you happen to accept it, abscond to the picnic table under the string lights out back in the little beer garden.

Aka perfect absconding conditions.


The Crafty Fox Ale House
1700 Mission St
(at Duboce)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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