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A Place of Extreme Frenchness in Lincoln Park

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Tomorrow is Bastille Day.

So should you require something incredibly French with the unmistakable aroma of steak frites to get you into the proper headspace...

... Voilà: here’s The Blanchard, a secluded park-side restaurant filled with vichyssoise, coq au vin and ever so much champagne, now soft-open in Lincoln Park. (Here’s the slideshow.)

How the timing of these things works out is anyone’s guess. But chef Jason Paskewitz (of Gemini Bistro and Rustic House fame) somehow made the stars align to bring you a menu with three types of foie gras right when you need it most.

To find it, you’ll need to make your way into an interior green space off Lincoln Park West. Once inside, you’ll be greeted with charming views, colorful abstract art and a horse named Henri (he’s a statue, but say hi nevertheless).

What you’ll likely use this place for: business meetings, romantic interludes with European actresses and pre–Park West noshery. But since they have a secluded lounge off the entrance, you may just hole up there with some champagne and another comely human for no good reason at all.

Actually, those are both really good reasons.


The Blanchard
1935 N Lincoln Park W
(between Lincoln and Armitage)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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