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If this were an Outkast album, it’d be called SpottieOttieTikiDuckalicious.

Happy motherf**king Tuesday.

Say hey to Kings County Imperial, a charmer of a little Williamsburg Chinese spot that’ll throw open the doors tonight.

Those Williamsburg dates: always nice and laid-back. The light seems to hit everyone just right. The prawns have been turned into fries. That last one is specific to this spot. And somewhere, a potato sheds a single tear.

Let’s take a shot at the vibe here—early-20th-century-American-guy-making-some-kind-of-deal-in-a-Chinese-urban-center. Yes, that’s it. For you, no deals. Dates, as mentioned. Dates, dumplings, lotus-root salad (they grow Chinese vegetables out back) and family-style Sichuan-marinated duck.

But what of tiki cocktails, you ask? To which we reply, don’t worry, the Coco Palms is full of rum, blue curaçao, pineapple juice, Coco Lopez, macadamia-nut syrup and nutmeg.

And damned if the light doesn’t hit that just right, too.

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