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The Fairsted Kitchen Crew Does Southern

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Boiled peanuts. Sherry. Pineapple wallpaper.

On their own, those three things are... exceedingly random.

But put them together and they make The Frogmore. It’s a stately den of Southern cookery from the Fairsted Kitchen gents, and it’s open now in Jamaica Plain. Here’s your slideshow and your menu.

Long ago, this was a church rectory, and it’s still got the stained glass to prove it. More recently, it was Centre Street Sanctuary, and it’s still got its mighty wooden bar to prove that.

But now you’re drinking Jekyll and Cydes (sherry, cider, smoked-peach syrup) while you sit at it. And sharing a big pail of boiled peanuts because, sure, why not. Here’s to better days.

When dinner calls, you’ll enter a dining room that’s equal parts William Faulkner and Disney’s Haunted Mansion—mismatched chandeliers, red drapery, solemn-looking oil portraits. Oh, and that pineapple wallpaper. Can’t forget that.

Just know we’re talking Lowcountry cooking here. Which means less chicken and waffles, and more grits, whole fried fish and Frogmore Stew with smoked sausage, shrimp and crab.

As for dessert: maybe go the dessert cocktail route instead. A Smoking Jacket with Crema de Mezcal and Mexican fernet should do.

You don’t need to wear an actual smoking jacket, but it helps.

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