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This Massive New Brewery Is Massive

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To begin, please imagine a two-acre warehouse filled with Frosted Flakes.

Now remove the cereal, add some picnic tables, cover them in barbecued meats and throw in a bunch of steel tanks filled with beer.

And there: you’ve got 21st Amendment Brewery, the new taproom and day-drinkery tucked inside a massive warehouse that used to be called Kellogg’s. It’s open now on weekends in San Leandro.

Maybe you’ve been to the 21st Amendment pub in SoMa. Had a beer or two inside of it. Noted its intimate atmosphere. Well... this one’s not like that one.

Step inside: 95,000 square feet (yes, roughly two acres) of stainless steel and German-engineered brew tanks. Keep stepping: you’ll pass a big vacant space to your right—that’ll be a restaurant soon. And up ahead: a large red structure that sort of looks like a steel barn. A steel barn with a bar in it.

Go there and order a Batch #0001. Note that it tastes like the first beer out of San Leandro. It does because it is. (There’s nine others on tap, too.)

And when the urge for BBQ hits, mosey out to the beer garden, approach the truck with BBQ in it and make that happen.

Something about that feels more timely than not.


21st Amendment Brewery
2010 Williams St
(at Gate)
San Leandro, CA, 94577


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