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Beers by the Beach: An Absolute No-Brainer

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Timing really is everything.

Like when 26 draft beers arrive at a new open-air spot a block from the beach on a week like this.

That’s really good timing.

Give it up for Simmzy’s, a bright, surfy pit stop for burgers, draft ales and other things that are perfectly okay to consume a block from the beach, opening Friday in Venice. (See the slideshow.)

It’s a small, casual pub that’s big in the South Bay with the sort of people who like burgers and beer. So it should be big in Venice. Assuming there are people there who like burgers and beer.

You’ll find it useful in any case. You’ll be by the beach when something cold and frosty and ingestible begins sounding nice. You and whoever you’re next to will bolt here for a table by the open glass wall with ocean air pouring through it. Some rare IPA or draft pinot will hit your table.

Surfboards are overhead. You’ll think of waves. And fish. And fish tacos with fried Fresno chili rings. And blue-cheese-and-candied-bacon burgers.

You’ve always had a knack for word association.


37 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90292


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