Sweet Libertine

Late-Night Whiskey and Rock in Downtown

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Congratulations, you can officially log another week into the books.

Hold on.

There appears to be a small matter of 3am moonshine in a British manor you need to attend to first.

Which would technically make it Saturday...

Point is, you have plans.

Pack up the week at Libertine, a UK-themed late-nightery for drinking whiskey and dancing to DJ-spun new wave, opening tonight in Downtown. (Your first look inside is right here.)

These guys have decided to recreate a gloriously decaying turn-of-the-century English mansion in Downtown. Think: Iggy Pop taking over the production values on Downton Abbey. (That’s a freebie for you, PBS.)

Round up some friends and make your way to a sliver of a spot between Space and Koi. You’ll find a long passageway lined in chicken wire, glass and steel columns. Follow it down. Trust us.

Because inside, there’s this: 150-year-old mirrors. An 18th-century marble fireplace. Chandeliers. Thousands of pennies glued to the floor. We counted them. Promise. Your first call of action: a Libertine Moonshine. Nearby: a DJ booth made from repurposed baby grand parts and spinning the likes of Talking Heads.

You just knew David Byrne would find a way into this.

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