Tequila Taqueria

Before Sunrise

An All-Night Taco Outpost on the Strip

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Wild night last night.

The drinking. The gambling. The Prince-tribute-concerting.

You almost didn’t make it.

But somehow, someway, you ended up here: Tequila Taqueria, a pink-hued light at the end of the tunnel where you’ll find lobster tacos come nightfall and huevos rancheros come daybreak. It’s open now at Bally’s, from noon to 6am. (See the slideshow here.)

Noon to 6am. For those of you playing at home, that’s 18 hours’ worth of tequila and fresh-pressed-tortilla tacos every day.

Let’s break it down...

Noon to 6pm: This is when you’ll requisition a booth, a pitcher of tequila-heavy Siesta Sangria and a hamburger sandwiched between two quesadillas before hitting the pool. And by pool, we mean “whichever lounge chair will have you.”

6pm to 11pm: Impossibly, amidst the cacophony of the Strip, you hear the dinner bell ring, beckoning you to mango-pico-topped lobster tacos paired with one of 37 tequilas.

11pm to 3am: Your instincts: “A slow-roasted-pork sandwich and guacamole prepared tableside just feels right.” Your stomach: “Word.”

3am to 6am: Morning is night. Up is down. Time is a flat circle. But flank steak and eggs smothered in chilies is always delicious.

6am to noon: What are you still doing up?

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