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A Tech-Friendly Brewery Lands in SoMa

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This story could start a couple of different ways:

1) You wander into a new spot on Bluxome and order a beer.

2) You hear about a new spot with an online “beer curator” web app. You hop on their site, slide around the bitterness, alcohol content and complexity scales, and receive various recommendations. You wander into a new spot on Bluxome and order a very specific beer.

Either way, our story unfolds at Local Brewing Co., a new small-batch brewery and taproom that’s rather intent on you enjoying the perfect beer, open now in SoMa.

Picture an industrial-warehouse-like building with high ceilings and orange walls. Now add six bright beer tanks in the corner, from which you’ll see beer being directly dispensed. If you feel like staring at beer tanks. (Here’s your slideshow, anyway.)

If not, head back to the L-shaped bar up front.

Maybe the human behind the bar suggests the Bluxome Black Lager. Maybe the “beer curator” suggested the Duboce Park I.P.A. Maybe one of the founders emailed you about a new brew that happens to fit your beer profile. Maybe you just take a shot in the dark and order a dark ale and the brewery meat-and-cheese board.

A solid shot in the dark, that was.


Local Brewing Co.
69 Bluxome St
(between 4th and 5th)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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