The Good Shepard

A Date-Friendly Harbinger of Lamb and Donuts

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A dare:

Look Cambridge in the eye and say, “I don’t need a new date spot with bourbon and lamb leg and grilled donuts.”

We knew you wouldn’t do it.

So did Shepard, a mighty second-date situation with a serious grill and a weakness for donuts, now open in Cambridge. (Here they are: your slideshow and your menu.)

This used to be Chez Henri. Remember Chez Henri? You can stop missing it now.

Because in its place is the perfect setting for that all-important post-getting-to-know-you meal—a marble bar, rows of wooden two-tops and walls that stay immaculately white save for an india-ink drawing of a felled tree. It’s like the abode of a Scandinavian lumberjack with a strong background in design.

Settle in with a bourbon-and-lemon-juice Gold Rush and find something to talk about. Like how there’s this giant wood grill dividing the restaurant and the kitchen. And how there’s pinwheel sausage and lamb leg and other wonderful things going into it.

The night runs its course. Gnudi with morels appears and disappears. An entire sea bream is conquered. Grilled donuts with coffee ice cream haunt you with their very existence.

Typical donut behavior.

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