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Alfresco Italian and Negronis in Chelsea

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Almost there.

Just a liiiittle bit further.

So close. You’re so close to the weekend.

Let’s put a cherry on it.

An early-’90s-style, indulgent, sweet-cherry-pie kind of cherry like Alta Linea, a not-indoors place for frozen Negronis and Italian small plates at the High Line Hotel, opening tomorrow.

Hopefully you’re aware that this used to be a seminary (and last year, Champagne Charlie’s), which makes the whole frozen Negroni aspect, in the words of the great thinker Homer Simpson, “sacrilicious.”

But hell aside, there are no bad seats in the house (the photos don’t lie). What there is is a charming string of lights and old lampposts enveloping the courtyard you’re in as you dig into pork-meatball polenta with bacon (redundancy isn’t always bad).

And in the obligatory “save room for” category, we have a cookie that employs sea-salt fudge, pignoli and jam.

And did we mention that it’s summer now and this is outside?

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