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Poutine and Lobster Rolls at the Naval Yard

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Question: what’s the best possible way to use an ex–US Navy sonar station?

Too late.

You didn’t say “lobster poutine” fast enough.

But Decca did. It’s a counter-service lunch situation providing lobster, poutine and roast beef sandwiches in the shadow of the USS Constitution, and it’s open now in the Charlestown Navy Yard.

Let there be numbers:

Building number: 10
Year Building 10 was built: 1853
Year it became a Navy sonar station: 1948
Year it became a place to grab a lobster roll on an 80-seat patio: this one
Number of 18th-century warships directly across from said patio: 1
Number of melted-cheddar-and-roast-beef sandwiches named Old Ironsides: 1
Nautical-ness of interior filled with whitewashed brick walls, open-timber ceilings and columns covered in sailor rope, scale of 1 to 10: 11 (the slideshow can explain)
Ounces of lobster in aforementioned roll: 5
Ounces of lobster in their lobster poutine: 4
Other poutines currently on menu: 2 (see the menu)
How many of those involve Carolina-style pulled pork: 1
Chance a breakfast poutine with home fries and a fried egg lies in the future: 100%
Weeks until breakfast begins: 2
Weeks too many that is: 2

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