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Juice and Feta Sandwiches in Brookline

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Put down the bacon.

Slowly. Keep it where we can see it.


Now get yourself into Pure Cold Press, a meatless menagerie where buckwheat shots, cold-pressed juices and fried-feta sandwiches roam freely, opening Sunday in Coolidge Corner. (Hello, slideshow.)

This is right next door to storied falafel joint Rami’s. And its owner is the son of the man who founded Rami’s. Which we suppose makes him a falafel prince. But now he’s got his sights set on juice, salads and sandwiches of the meatless variety.

It’s like being inside of a fruit crate in the very greatest of ways—wooden floors, walls and high ceilings. A divider filled with sweet basil and rosemary. Fruit crate.

This is a cafeteria-style operation. You’ll grab a tray and make your way past the vegan French onion soup, the fried-feta-and-honey sandwiches and a great bounty of salads ranging from kale slaw and pomegranate seeds to parsnips with truffle vinaigrette. Parsnips: still a funny word.

But if you’re here on liquid business, you’ll find juices cold-pressed for eight hours, buckwheat shots and a tonic with orange, lemon and oregano oil called the Fire Blazer.

You’ve got to earn a name like that.


Pure Cold Press
326 Harvard St
Brookline, MA, 02446


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