The Wild One

A la Carte from the Contra Guys

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Huge news in the world of new places from the guys who created your favorite restaurant named Contra.

It’s, uh, yeah...

It’s Wildair, the laid-back new dinner spot from the Contra guys, soft-opening this weekend on the LES. 

This is something like two doors away from Contra, isn’t it?
You are correct. 

So what’s different?
An à la carte menu, for one thing. One that includes very Contra...rian? morsels like littleneck clams on toast and skate with chamomile butter. Tea, meet butter. 

What’s it feel like?
Like stepping out of a pool on a warm, sunny summer’s day. Just kidding. It feels like a place to step up your post-work game with someone you’re into either as friends or other. Why are we describing this? Just look at it.

The wine situation: that’s probably solid, right?
Oh, yeah. They’re way into the whole organic and biodynamic thing, which, if you know little to nothing about, you can just trust that they know a lot, and that you’re in good hands with recommendations.

Is there going to be a large-format ribeye at some point?
You should have a 900 number.


142 Orchard St
(between Delancey and Rivington)
New York, NY, 10002


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