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Yak Milk Vodka and Eagle Hunters in Mongolia

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Sometimes you must look to what the locals do for entertainment.

Especially when what they do is drink yak milk vodka, climb glaciers and socialize with eagle hunters.

Enter Altai Adventure, a new two-week trek through uncharted Mongolia, booking now for an August departure.

This is the kind of trip where your guides pull special permits to get you access to rarely visited parts of the country, and have you doing all kinds of stuff to write home about. Stuff that might read like this...

“We drank yak milk vodka.”
“We sipped some on our third night of the trek, while staying at the yurt-like abode of Shohan, the Kazakh eagle hunter (he hunts with eagles, not for eagles). We also milked a cow and photographed Shohan’s golden eagle there. Speaking of photos, here are more.”

“We saw human-shaped headstones.”
“Spotted ’em on day four, while on the way to a riverside campsite. The headstones were the ancient burial site of Turkic tribes that inhabited the region 2,000 years ago. We hope.”

“We ate marmot.”
“On day nine, we visited a Tuva family tent for Mongolian tea, which just happens to be served with marmot. That’s a very large and fatty squirrel, if you didn’t know.”

Hopefully you brought sriracha.

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