Taking Care of Bisqness

Lamb Ribs and Tiger’s Milk in Cambridge

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Great job with all the patriotism and not working yesterday.

We don’t suppose you had time to find your new summer date spot, though.


We thought not.

Don’t worry, we handled it.

It’s Bisq, a wine-laden Cambridge charcuterie retreat from the Bergamot gang, where you’ll witness champagne sabering and drink something called tiger’s milk. It opens Saturday.

You’ve seen this in a dream. The one where there’s a room full of woods and whitewashed brick, and you and an enticing semi-stranger coupled at a marble chef’s counter for chenin blanc and boards of chicken rillettes and sobrasada (see the menu). It was a hell of a specific dream.

Or maybe it’s the one where you and 16 like-minded revelers have taken command of a back room with its own bar and a floating-wine-bottle chandelier (see the slideshow).

You’ll summon plates of lamb ribs. Half-bottles of rosé. Someone orders champagne and it gets sabered with a chef’s knife. Everyone decides they’ll learn how to do that by Labor Day.

But before the night ends: that tiger’s milk. It’s two separate bowls, one with toasted corn and one with ceviche juice, and it’s a traditional hangover cure in Peru.

Peru cares.

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