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Rule Intentions

A Neighborhood Bar with a Lot of Rules

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The first rule of House Rules is...

No. Let’s not do that.

Let’s just get to the cozy new neighborhood bar called House Rules you’ll frequent for big-screen sports and cold brews—go, have a great weekend out there in the world, and this place will be ready and waiting. It opens Thursday on Polk.

And this place: this is no beer-drenched, red-leather-stool, sports-watching, BBQ-meatball free-for-all. It’s got wood-paneled walls and tiled floors, and the moment you enter you’ll notice etiquette tips scrawled on the walls. (Behold, the slideshow.)

Rule 1: Tip your glass.
Maybe it’s the Stranger Danger (Jameson, ancho-chili liqueur) or the Frenemy (tequila, habanero-grapefruit bitters) or one of the six beers on tap. Hit it against another glass to produce a celebratory clinking noise.

Rule 2: Tip your barkeep.
And maybe ask for the menu. It’s got classic bar food from the guy behind Hog & Rocks: lobster sliders, fried-chicken bites, BBQ meatballs... here’s a menu.

Rule 5: Life is short.
Good excuse to carry a chili-con-queso-topped burger off to the brick-and-leather fireplace lounge area.

And never mind the dunce’s cap in the corner.
That probably won’t factor into your night.


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