Cheese and Thank You

This Place Loves Breakfast Sandwiches

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We’re just going to put this out there.

Holiday weekend: increased odds you might have a night that gets a little out of hand.

Three letters. Three letters will save you.

Come forth, BEC, a sunny charmer bearing 10 variations of beautiful, beautiful bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches whenever you might need them for life-regaining purposes, now open in Chelsea.

It’s a modest little spot that looks like this, with a few marble tabletops and some Coney Island boardwalk turned park benches, and it’s got a modest little dream—to create a safe space for you, looking out through the open windows onto 8th Avenue, pondering some recent life choices while getting your hands around the Mammoth, with smoked bacon, eggs, pork sausage, pickled jalapeños and pepper jack.

Or the Roadhouse, with pork sausage, cheddar, slaw and barbecue sauce.

Or the Farmhouse, with pancetta and fig jam. The menu’s here.

Any of these might happen in a long-weekend morning-after situation, sure. Or it might be a preemptive pit stop—they’re open until 10pm, so stopping by after an unexpectedly lengthy work-drinks situation isn’t a bad call either.

They also have salads.

Which is kind of hilarious.

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