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A Dark and Moody Drinking Lair Below K

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K Street harbors all kinds of secrets. Ones that could probably bring down politicians, if not whole governments.

But not this one. This one’s a bar.

Welcome to the stealthy confines of The Speak, a dark and moody cocktail lounge in what used to be the underground half of Tattoo Bar. It officially opens tonight. (See the slideshow.)

Head downstairs to this place and you’ll notice that it looks, well, vacant from the outside—with a door that’s marked only by a “For Sale” sign and a mirror.

But pull on that mirror. You’re in. No passwords, reservations or phones.

It’s dark. Really dark. Amid the candles and tiny Edison bulbs, you can probably feel your way to the long marble bar or one of the Victorian couches in back. On the menu, you’ll see classic drinks like a Bobby Burns, and some lost favorites like the Old Cuban (imagine a mojito with bitters and champagne instead of soda).

As for food, well, plan to eat before or after you go here, because the only thing on the menu is Lay’s potato chips.

Although if you do eat here, we recommend the Lay’s potato chips.

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