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Whiskey and Banh Mi in Bloomingdale

Cheap cans of beer.

Nice bottles of whiskey.

Banh mi sandwiches.

A Roget’s thesaurus.

No, these are not clues to a strange $25,000 Pyramid puzzle.

They’re things you’ll find at The Pub & the People, the epitome of a neighborhood spot, opening tomorrow in Bloomingdale.

First thing you might notice: the cubbies behind the bar, where bottles of whiskey live alongside an array of books—true crime stories, Chuck Palahniuk novels, that thesaurus. You can borrow those at your whim.

Or just leaf through them over your scotch. Or a Coors-and-Old-Grand-Dad combo for five bucks. Or while perusing the menu, where you’ll find chicken-liver pâté, spaghetti with charred ramps and mussels with bacon and bourbon.

For now, you’ll be doing all of this at the bar. Or sitting in a church pew along the window. But within a couple weeks, they’ll be seating about 100 people on the expansive brick patio. And come this fall, they’ll be opening a second bar belowground, with its own entrance.

Just flash your ID. Or your library card.

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