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A Japanese Café Lands in Downtown Crossing

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Caffeinated ice cream.


Now that we’ve established our major themes for the day, here’s Ogawa Coffee, a Japanese caffeine paradise where you’ll drink espresso out of martini glasses and eat coffee for dessert, opening Friday in Downtown Crossing.

This started about 60 years ago in Kyoto. Now they’re opening their first US outpost right here in Boston. Feel good about this, Boston.

You’ll come here when caffeine and Japanese minimalism are required. Take note of the hanging lanterns, extreme close-ups of coffee beans on the walls and what appears to be some wooden bleacher seating over in the corner. (This slideshow should help.)

But you’ll be at the four-seat bar in the back, watching pour-overs happen. Or sipping a trio of single-origin pours (here’s the menu). And if you order something called the Signature Drink, a 2010 World Latte Art Champion will set a martini glass full of chilled, foamed espresso and the sexiest cup of cappuccino you ever did see in front of you.

Then there’s that coffee sundae. It’s what happens when caramelized cornflakes, chocolate terrine and coffee gelatin get together.

You probably can’t order that “skinny.”

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