Guac Tall

A Mass-Level Taco-and-Margarita Event

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You like arepas.

We like arepas.

Arepas are not the problem.

The problem is that there are never any duck confit arepas around when you need them.

That, or lobster guacamole.

This nonsense ends here: at Barcocina, just your average airplane-hangar-size bar and restaurant with some pretty good ideas about Mexican food and drink, opening tomorrow in Lakeview.

First, though, look at that majestic, soaring ceiling. Behold the way the garage doors just swing open, welcoming the late-spring breeze. And yes, that’s a big communal table that can seat a small army of your taco-loving compatriots after a day at Wrigley.

Because what good is a big bowl of lobster guacamole, a platter of tuna tartare taquitos or some lamb French dip tacos if you don’t have your friends around to partake in them with you. Not much good, that’s what.

Oh, and they have margaritas on tap and Watermelon Infusions that are served with a watermelon ice cube. It doesn’t get more fun than that. Well, unless your idea of fun is when tequila meets Malört, then meets elderflower liqueur as it does in the Lakeview Radler.

In which case, you’re going to have some fun.



2901 N Sheffield Ave
(at George)
Chicago, IL, 60657


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